Do you sound smarter when you use big words?

Wearing designer labels will definitely make you look neat, but does it automaticaly make you rich?

Same can be said about using big words. Do you sounds smarter when you use fancy words? Not always the case. According to a study published in “Applied cognitive psychology”, the answer is no. I’m all for being  eloquent and articulate but make sure big words are really necessary & send the clear message. I know people who constantly use big, fancy words. They are so desperate to impress everyone around them but at the end, they’re not sending a message! So pretty much bla, bla, bla with no content or direction whatsoever. I was always against people who use big words & jargon for sake of using big words. In my eyes they feel insecure about themselves. Anything that makes the statement hard to understand or has too many complicated words, will lose everyone’s attention.  Mine for sure. So stick to simplicity.

Different study has shown group of students who were asked to transcribe simple document into long academic sounding words. Almost all of them lost interest & couldn’t follow what the content was teaching them. They also felt less intelligent.  While talking, imagine that you are giving someone instructions.  If they’re complicated- there is no result.

Even Leonardo Da Vinci said “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Simplicity is elegant so stay as simple as you can be & you will be perceived as intelligent. As they said in the Navy- “Keep it simple, stupid”.


1 Comments on “Do you sound smarter when you use big words?”

  1. Great advice! I always find it interesting when people put together 20, 30, 50 page presentations and each slide is so complicated that I find myself skipping the majority of the presentation and going directly to the last page for the bottom line. Keep it simple, no truer words were spoken. Great blog. Congratulations on your first and looking forward to your future blogs!


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