Do you want to unburden for 15 minutes?

I might have an answer. Go skydiving. Believe it or not, skydiving will allow you to do it. Well, more like it forces you to do it. I can guarantee that you will forget your worries. I’ve lived thru such pleasure few months ago. One of the best experiences in my life and one that opened doors to so many new challenges. That crazy moment when you sit on the plane & wait for door to open. And then it happens. The adrenaline is thru the roof. No way out. You’re about to experience life to the fullest & it’s a wonderful feeling.

The worries you are burdened with no longer matter. Marital troubles, financial stressors, misbehaved kids, insecurities at work- all of it is a million miles away once you jump out of that plane. Why? Because all you think about is death & that you will not make it out alive. (Just kidding).

For the first time you don’t have to worry about anything and you are forced to live in the moment. You are looking fear into its eyes & keep repeating same thing over & over…”what was I thinking? My live isn’t so bad. I want to come down”. Finally door opens & you have to jump because you don’t want to chicken out in front of everyone on the plane. So you do it, you take a deep breath, say & you’re out!

Once you reach the point of canopying, your breathing is stabilized & you no longer want to vomit. You start to realize that what you’ve been missing is simply living. Living to the fullest. Skydiving grabbed you by the shoulders & shaken you. You just started living again!

What do you wish to conquer next? How about another fearful experience? This can take many shapes. Whether it’s another adventure, running a marathon, getting a degree or something bigger like leaving your job for better one, starting your own business or pursuing someone that you might think is out of your league. I say go for it & you will approach new challenges with ease. Stop worrying about things that probably will never happen. Stop being terrified of the unknown and start living the best that you know you need to be living. We grow & expand our capabilities by doing difficult things. Take control of whatever is holding your bravery.


“Be brave & fearless to know that even if you do make a wrong decision, you’re making it for good reason” – Adele

1 Comments on “Do you want to unburden for 15 minutes?”

  1. Fantastic, face your fears.. Life is too short to do anything else! I truly believe that out of this pandemic, people will be less afraid to travel and do other things that they have had on a list for perhaps many years. I watched a movie, ‘Shirley Valentine’ recently and she did just that, She so much later in life, what she had missed for all those years and set about to course correct. We all need to be brave and embrace change!


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